John Davidson '76

John Davidson ’76 knows the value of an education, and how scholarships can change students’ lives. When Davidson came from Jamaica to Rochester as a teenager, he knew he wanted to attend college. However, his family was of modest means.

John Davidson

“For me and my family, scholarships were crucial to making school possible.” He describes this time in his life as both challenging and exciting. Davidson found that the environment at Fisher was one that suited him well, and helped with the transition he was going through. “I felt quite welcomed, and it was good to be a part of the community. I got to know a lot of people very quickly.” 

Davidson describes his time at Fisher as foundational years where he met lifelong friends and benefitted from tough but effective accounting professors. He considers the quality and reputation of his Fisher education as integral for him in his early career. Davidson accepted a position at a prestigious accounting firm immediately after graduation and later served in executive leadership roles at several Fortune 500 companies throughout his career.

When asked about Fisher activities that contributed most to his personal and professional development, Davidson lists serving as a resident advisor (RA) as an important, early opportunity to serve in a leadership role. He credits his RA experience for helping him to develop a sense of personal responsibility, as it required him to serve as a role model for the students in his residence hall.

Davidson believes education plays a pivotal role in the growth of both individuals and society as a whole. At Fisher, that means supporting scholarships for disadvantaged students. Davidson finds it rewarding to make education attainable for students who have the academic ability but lack the financial resources to attend college. Currently, his giving supports four students at a time. He believes an investment in education will help them for a lifetime, and that it fosters their giving in the future. 

“Fisher has meant a lot to me. My education has served me well, and it has opened doors. As I look back at my life and career, the education I received at Fisher has been a tremendous asset for me and one that I’m truly grateful for.”